I don't just want you to "eat better." I want to help you learn lifelong skills and habits.  

I'm Laura, aka Lilith NoFair, and I've been working with Roller Derby Athletics and Booty Quake for nearly three years, creating weekly "Derby in the Kitchen" blog posts and recipes for RDA Members. I'm a certified Precision Nutrition coach and Kettlebell instructor, and I also skate and coach roller derby.  And I can't wait to teach you the Derby Fuel system so you can get that extra edge!

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Booty Quake


  It's a Four-Week Program, suitable for any fitness or kitchen skill level!

 You'll get 5 meals a day, complete with shopping and prep tips

 Dietary restrictions or allergies? We've got you covered with substitutions, but this plan is NOT ideal for Vegans.

  Get Access to DerbyFuel inside the RDA Training App, and connect your MyFitnessPal to it too! (optional!)

Recipe books and other guides are yours to download and keep!


Be the best-fed skater on your team!

This 4-week program gives you nutritional foundations to last a lifetime.  You'll get the tools to fuel yourself for the demands of your roller derby lifestyle, plus tips for meal planning, meal prep, and kitchen mastery!

Fuel doesn’t tell you what kind of car to drive, it just makes you go. Fuel doesn’t tell you which route to take, it just makes it possible for you to travel. Fuel isn’t judgement, Fuel is power.

No matter what your derby journey is, Derby Fuel will get you there.

You'll get all of these great nutritional tools:




A recipe book with extra bonus meals, snacks and shakes so that you’re never lost for options on-the-go.


Everything you learn with Derby Fuel will set you up to carry great nutritional habits with you for a lifetime.  This plan doesn’t end when your four weeks are up - these are skills that transfer!  

Do you struggle to find a meal between work and derby practice?  Do you spend money on food that just gets thrown out?  Do you find that you’re losing energy before the bout is over and you don’t quite know why?

Then Derby Fuel is for you!

Nutrition is often the piece of the puzzle that differentiates champions from the regular athletes.  We all know that we should be cross-training, but how many of us fuel our bodies to maximize performance? Derby Fuel will ensure that you always have easy access to a healthy meal or snack.  

We'll teach you how to plan so that practice days are never a hassle and we'll help you to eat so that you have energy to carry you through your day and beyond!

Four weeks worth of meal plans and delicious recipes - five meals a day!

Weekly shopping lists and meal prep guides

A customization guide to make DerbyFuel suit your individual needs and goals

Nutrient guides & substitution options

Your “Engine Maintenance Checklist” - five daily habits to help you keep running in top condition.

Tons of helpful tips and tricks to help you be on top of your nutritional game

Reference Guides!

Guides on how to manage your meal planning when you travel, when you have tournaments, and when time is short


Become a kitchen ninja with food prep hacks, substitutions and tips on how to generally dominate your kitchen

Booty Quake

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