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Build Crazy Agility, Fast.

Agility is the number one skill skaters tell me they want to improve. Here's where core training comes in to play. You see, the foundation of all of our strengths in roller derby – to be able to balance on our wheels, throw hits, deke and juke, comes from our core strength and stability. It's definitely not just about abs either – we're talking about hip and glute strength, back strength, and our obliques, too. By improving your fundamental core strength, you can unleash hidden derby potential you never thought possible.


Prevent Injuries. Maybe Even Heal the Ones You've Got.

Something a lot of skaters don't know, is that even a minor left/right imbalance in your core can lead to significantly higher risk of injury. If one muscle isn't firing correctly, you might not even be aware of it until you try some of the simplest exercises in this program. However, that weakness is being silently compensated for every day, through a chain reaction of muscle adjustments. The overcompensation of related supporting muscles can, over time, lead to spinal misalignments, chronic overuse injuries, and overall weakness. That's why this program will help to identify and correct any discrepancies you are carrying from side to side, while building overall muscle strength.


Simple Exercises, Simple Equipment.

No choreography, nothing complex. This program can be completed in a studio apartment, with just a timer, a mat, and a physio ball. The basis of RDA:Core is using a physio ball (aka stability ball) to challenge your balance and stability while performing strength moves. The instability of the ball forces dozens of smaller and often underperforming muscles to be recruited into action, to keep you balanced while you perform the movement. The concept is quite simple, but very powerful.


Hit Harder.

Let's talk about strength versus stability. Many weightlifters have learned to be very strong, and lift very heavy weights, but they have no stability, and this makes their functional strength very low. By training the muscles supporting your hips and spine to be activated and strong, this RDA:CoreBuilder program will ensure that your body is stable, healthy and prepared for what's coming at you on the track.

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  You need a physio ball for this program! When you sign up, you get a video on how to select the right ball, and links to recommended products. You can easily find this equipment for $20 or less.
  It's a Four-Week Program, suitable for any fitness level.
  Train for 25 minutes or less, 3 to 4 times per week.
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“Every movement in Roller Derby begins from the core. Discover strength and agility you never thought possible."

Unleash your hidden derby potential!

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"...The difference in my skating from last Friday to this Friday is almost night and day. I could barely do 5 laps around the track without my back screaming at me... Today everything seemed that much easier... Thanks for making this awesome program available to fresh meat such as myself."

Annie McCaffrey
Fresh Meat Skater

"This [Pump Up Your Jam] program has been wonderful and I absolutely see a difference in my skating and strength compared to when I started the program. Just wanted to check in and let you know how much I've enjoyed pushing myself. So happy you've put this together!"

Trudy Bauchery
Circle City Derby Girls

" I want to thank you for providing this program [Pump Up Your Jam] - it's awesome, challenging, and can I just say how nice it is to have those videos on your site so that I can finally see how to properly do certain exercises."

Kirkland Lake Roller Derby

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